Whey Protein Powder

Research has proven the benefits of whey protein powder are numerous and studies continue on a monthly basis. Whey protein contains the highest amount of branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) found in nature. BCAAs are a key source of energy during exercise; they are an integral part of muscle metabolism because they are the first amino acids to be used during intense resistance and endurance training.

Due to its high BCAAs content it is not surprising that the most convincing benefit from whey protein is lean muscle preservation. Other benefits of whey protein include, but are not limited to:
ü increased immunity
ü bone health
ü possible reduction of cancer tumor size
ü decreased blood pressure
ü lowered blood cholesterol levels
ü reduced occurrences of sarcopenia (degenerative loss of skeletal muscle mass)
ü optimized infant protein nutrition
ü improved cognitive functioning (mental performance)
ü initiated protein synthesis
ü controlled control hunger
ü managed weight
ü lengthened stamina
ü enhanced power
ü accelerated recovery
ü amplified metabolic rate
The dietary supplement industry was the first to launch whey protein powder, with the industry leader being DESIGNER WHEY®. They discovered that adding B-Vitamins helped with the assimilation of protein and the foremost and only company to specifically design whey protein to be the best it could possibly be.
As the flagship of the whey protein powder industry DESIGNER WHEY® researched the benefit of moisture stable L-Glutamine and were initial company to add it to the product. They were the originators of adding combinations of Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B6, which proved to increase strength and recovery. To this day they remain the only company to add whey calcium to aid in bone health and body re-composition.
Research has shown that when protein is broken down into smaller peptides they are most effectively absorbed by the body, giving you more nitrogen availability than free form amino acids. They were also the first to research, develop and add whey peptides, which are partially pre-digested whey protein.
Whey is very versatile and can be added to a wide range of foods to boost protein. Innovators at DESIGNER WHEY® experimented with whey in many different food compositions trying everything from brownies to pancakes, smoothies, soups, and spaghetti sauce. These findings were compiled in a very successful whey protein recipe book that was published and provided to their consumers.
It was DESIGNER WHEY®’s groundbreaking passion that pioneered the first ready-to-drink whey protein to mass market, launching a revolutionary 40 grams of protein. They continue to bring the benefits of whey protein powder to consumers through innovative and revolutionary products.
Written by Shawn Sherwood for DESIGNER WHEY® of NEXT Proteins; makers of whey protein powders and drinks. See the full product line at http://www.designerwhey.com.
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