Weight Gain Supplements – My Take On Them

I think I may have tried all of the weight gain supplements in the last few years with limited results, but luckily I have found something that works. Especially when you don't know how much to train and you end up over training

If you read my last post I talked about how I was the skinny guy, got little respect and looking back I actually had pretty low self confidence.  When I was trying every muscle building trick someone suggested I also got into the habit of spending gobs of money on muscle building supplements.  I mean heck, if i could take some pills and gain more weight or muscle I was going to – frankly I needed all the help I could get.
Everything from n02 to creatine to some crazy concoctions really huge people recommended to me I put in my body.  The majority of these did not help me gain muscle mass or put on weight.  And a lot of them gave me some strange side effects – which were mostly an upset stomach.
I finally discovered (with the help of NNMB) a combination of things that worked great.
Muscle Building Nutrition:
Now, nutrition is something a lot of people don’t put much emphasis on when trying to gain weight, but once you unlock the secrets it makes all of the difference.  You will notice great weight gain in almost no time flat just because your body is preforming like it should and getting the vital nutrients it needs.
I tend to eat 6 or so meals a day and consume at least 3000 calories.  At first this is really hard.  And I have to be honest when I say gaining weight really isn’t easy, I would even bet its harder than trying to loose weight.

Essential muscle building supplements:
After toying around with so many things I have a pretty good feel for what my body needs and wants.  and here is a short list of what I take on a daily basis to aid in my weight gain:
Vitamin C
This is a great immune booster, and helps rebuild damaged cells.
Vitamin B complex (with enzymes)
Vitamin B actually is one of the main energy vitamins and will help your muscles build far better.

Digestive Enzymes
These are a gift from god in my opinion.   Before when I was just taking protein shakes I would have some very “strange” stomach problems and it didn’t help my weight gain.  But these enzymes basically help your body break down everything better and therefore will absorb more into your body.
Omega 3-6-9 (complex)
There is so much news on omega products right now, here is why they will help us build muscle: they help reduce free radicals (things that kill cells!)  and those are in your muscles.  So less free radicals = healthier muscle cells and bigger muscles.  easy.
Branched Chain Amino Acids (BACC)
Amino acids are for building muscle and breaking down proteins.  They will help, just use them.
Vitamin E
Vitamin E is another vitamin that aids in all sorts of things but be careful because you can overdose!
Multi Vitamin/Mineral
Plain and simple your body needs this.  No matter what your diet is you will never have all the best muscle building vitamins in your body.  I take it twice daily.
Creatine Powder (post workout)
Creatine actually occurs naturally in your body and most red meats, however I like to add a little boost after a hard workout (usually mix it with a protein shake) for optimal muscle building and weight gain.  Keep in mind you should drink a ton of water afterward because it really will dehydrate you.
I hope this helped you a little so your not wasting away your money on crazy weight gain supplements that usually don’t work and make you sick.
Also, as a note I only take “whole food vitamins”  or sometimes called vegetarian.  They will keep you from having stomach problems unlike some of the others you can get in just any store.